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Natural Remedies

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Listed are some helpful herbs and supplements for this condition.  However, you must take care of your overall health through a physician.


This disorder is a skin rash that occurs in the folds of the skin when moisture is trapped for too long. Diaper rash is a common form of intertrigo.


Natural carotenoid complex (Betatene) Importance: Moderate  Comments: Free radical scavengers. Stimulates immune system.

Essential fatty acids (primrose oil) Importance: Moderate   Comments: Helps with tissue reconstruction.

Free-form amino acid complex Importance: Moderate   Comments: Provides needed protein. Helps with tissue reconstruction. A formula with all essential fatty acids is recommended.

Garlic Importance: Moderate   Comments: Combats bacteria and fungi. Stimulates immune system.

Silica Importance: Moderate   Comments: Provides silicon which helps reconstruct skin.

Vitamin B complex Importance: Moderate  Comments: Helps metabolize protein. Promotes healing and reconstruction of the skin.

Vitamin C Importance: Moderate  Comments: Helps with tissue reconstruction. Decreases scarring. Ascorbate form is recommended.

Zinc Importance: Moderate  Comments: Stimulates immune system. Promotes healing of tissues.

Helpful herbs and supplements for this condition.

No Herbs Listed.

Classified as sleeplessness that turns into a habit. If this should happen over a one-month timeframe, it is called chronic insomnia

California poppy, Hops, Kava Kava, Lemon Balm, Passionflower, Skullcap, and Valerian Root- Internal Purposes: All of these herbs can be taken in either capsule or extract form. All may be able to assist you in getting a good night's sleep as well as REM sleep  California poppy and chamomile can calm you down before you go to bed by making your nervous system stronger. Recommendation is to not have a dependency on one herb for too long - it's best to switch off to another.  Dosage: Take before bedtime.

Catnip and Chamomile- Internal Purposes: These two herbs can act as sedatives. Even children can take these two herbs if they are in tea form. For adults, drinking chamomile tea several times during the day can help to relieve stress and firm up the nervous system which both lead to a restful sleep.  Cautions: Chamomile should not be taken for too long a period. If your doctor has told you that you are allergic to ragweed, don't take chamomile.

Kava Kava- Internal Purposes: Kava Kava may allow you to relax enough to feel peaceful, relaxed, and some people have even reported to be slightly euphoric. This will foster better sleep habits.

Slumber or Silent Night- Internal Purposes: Slumber is a product manufactured by Nature's Answer; Silent Night is from Nature's Way. Both are prepared from combination herbal extracts.

Not too many insects that are capable of causing a person to react allergically. Some of the more well known are honey bees, hornets, yellow jacks, and spiders. Allergic reactions can cause wheezing, tightness in the throat and chest, nausea, diarrhea, & hives. People with respiratory ailments can have more serious reactions.

Calendula- External Purposes: Applied to the affected area, the lotion may help to alleviate the itchiness and redness that can be evident.

Oils of Cedar, Citronella, Eucalyptus, Pennyroyal, Rosemary, & Rue- External Purposes: Insect repellent dog and cat collars are often times composed of these components in order to ward off insects (and possibly people too.)  Cautions: Pennyroyal should not be used when pregnancy is evident. Do not use pennyroyal for a long time.

Lavender- Type: External Purposes: Putting lavender on a bite can take away the itching.

Tea tree oil- External Purposes: Insects do not seem to enjoy being around the smell of tea tree oil. Tea tree oil can be helpful to take discomfort away from the bites. If the full strength oil is too strong, it can be diluted with canola oil or a different kind of vegetable oil that does not have a strong fragrance. Add to desired strength.

Bites from mosquitoes, spiders, gnats, ants, bees, scorpions, and other insects.

Calendula- External Purposes: In addition to calendula ointment, other types of hers that will assist in lessening pain, itching, etc. are cedar, eucalyptus, and/or tea tree oils. They are readily available in oil, spray, & lotions.

Citronella- External Purposes: Citronella candles placed strategically around your yard will chase off the hungry mosquitoes.

Goldenseal & Tea Tree Oil- External Purposes: What better way to rid insects than using nature's own insect repellents such as goldenseal or tea tree oil. They are also good to relieve pain and itching.

Lobelia & Charcoal Tablets- External Purposes: Mixing lobelia and charcoal together (both can be obtained from your local health food store) can be used as a poultice which can remove discomfort caused from the insect bites.

Pennyroyal Oil- External Purposes: Pennyroyal Oil should only be used externally or as an aromatica. The smell tends to send insects to search for a better meal.  Cautions: Do not use internally. Be very careful with this herb as it can be poisonous.

Also known as the flu, is a contagious disease that is caused by the influenza virus. It attacks the respiratory tract in humans (nose, throat, and lungs).

Astragalus, Black Cherry, Echinacea, Ginger, Goldenseal, Pau d'arco, Slippery Elm, and Yarrow Tea-  Internal Purposes: These eight herbs all combine properties that are beneficial in treating influenza. Can add peppermint tea in any of these eight teas and it is believed this will clear the nasal passages making breathing easier. Echinacea is mild enough to use on children. Cautions: Do not use goldenseal for more than seven days, and don't take it if you are pregnant. Check with your doctor if you have been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or glaucoma. If allergic to ragweed, use Goldenseal with caution.

Boneset- Internal Purposes: Is an excellent expectorant that clears mucus from the lungs

Cayenne (capsicum)- Internal Purposes: Cayenne powder can be added to soups and foods. It is an effective expectorant and has been used to breakup mucus buildup in the sinuses, throat, and lungs. Ginger is beneficial in the treatment of the flu.

Eucalyptus- Internal Purposes: Inhaling Eucalyptus vapors opens bronchial tubes in the lungs, relieving congestion. To prepare the steam vapors do the following: boil a quart of water and remove from pan from the stove. Add 6 to 8 drops of Eucalyptus extract to the boiled water. Lean over this preparation with the towel over your head and breathe deeply through the nose, then hold your breath as long as possible.

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