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Natural Remedies

Courtesy of the Natural Herb Guide

Listed are some helpful herbs and supplements for this condition.  However, you must take care of your overall health through a physician.


Chronic inflammatory disease that can affect multiple areas of the body, as well as being an autoimmune disease.

Alfalfa- Internal Purposes: Minerals are essential to the well-being of the body. Alfalfa is a good source to obtain our daily needs and can be used in the healing process.

Goldenseal- External Purposes: Goldenseal can either be used to heal mouth sores and to reduce inflammation.  Dosage: Put a few drops on a small piece of gauze or cloth and place on the mouth sore before you go to bed.

Feverfew, Pau D'arco, & Red Clover- Internal Purposes: These three herbs have beneficial properties for treating lupus.  Cautions: Do not use feverfew if you are pregnant.

Licorice- Internal Purposes: Use in tea to ease the troublesome symptoms of lupus. Do you already take immunosuppressant such as steroids? It may be beneficial to use licorice root and get pretty much the same results.  Cautions: Only use for seven days. Don't use licorice root if your physician told you that you have high blood pressure.

Milk thistle- Internal Purposes: Besides milk thistle being advantageous as a cleanser, it can also ensure that the liver is protected.

Yucca- Internal Purposes: It has been suggested that yucca may relieve arthritis-similar evidences.

This is a very serious ailment which is caused by bacteria and can affect the lungs and the bronchial tubes. At onset, one might think they had the flu because they can experience achiness, fatigue, headache, and moderate fever.

Catnip- Internal Purposes: Catnip Tea can help to lower the fever.

ClearLungs from RidgeCrest Herbals- Internal Purposes: Manufactured by RidgeCrest Herbals, this is an herbal formula that is Chinese in origin that may help protect the lungs. Dosage: 2 capsules 3 x daily

Echinacea- Internal Purposes: Echinacea can boost the immune system.

Eucalyptus- Internal Purposes: Use eucalyptus to make breathing easier because it has the capacity to expand tightened airways.

Goldenseal- Internal Purposes: Goldenseal acts as a natural antibiotic and can encourage healing.  Cautions: use should be limited to one week at a time. Limit your usage of goldenseal if you are pregnant. Be very careful using goldenseal if you have been told you are allergic to ragweed.

Olive Leaf- Internal Purposes: Used since biblical times, Olive Leaf Extract, just from its symbol, gives you a sense of being protected. It is a powerful way to fend off harmful toxins & expedite healing of infections caused from microbes.

Lead is one of the most harmful metal contaminants known. The poison accumulates in the body. Even if there is only a low amount of lead that is retained by the body instead of being expelled can be absorbed into other tissues.

Alfalfa- Internal Purposes: Alfalfa is a good source to obtain vitamins, minerals, and other valuable nutrients and can aid in ridding the body of toxins.

Aloe vera juice- Internal Purposes: Aloe Vera Juice will aid in getting rid of metals from the body by loosening bowel movements so the metals can be expelled.

Chlorella & Cilantro- Internal Purposes: Both of these herbs can soak up the heavy metals that cannot be tolerated by your body.


Whenever you have an accumulation of decayed skin, open sores can develop. If your legs do not have good circulation, the skin tissue begins to break down. This can allow the development of sores.

Alfalfa- Internal Purposes: Alfalfa is the best source to obtain your vitamin K daily requirements which come in capsules or tablets. Red Clover will provide the same.

Comfrey Tea- External Purposes: You can treat the ulcers by mixing up a poultice of comfrey tea. Make sure your towel or cloth is clean; when you place the towel that has been treated with comfrey on the sore, you can benefit from soothing release of aching & inflamed leg muscles.  Cautions not recommended for internal use.

Eclhinacea- Internal Purposes: To make immune function stronger and more efficient and heal the leg ulcers, use Echinacea.

Goldenseal– Internal Purposes: Acts as a natural antibiotic and can incite healing. Besides being in capsule or tablet form, goldenseal can also be used as a poultice. Utilize a small part of a sterile gauze, put a little goldenseal on it that is alcohol free extract and put it on the leg ulcer. Cautions: Goldenseal's use should be limited to one week at a time. Limit your usage of goldenseal if you are pregnant. Check with your doctor prior to using if you have been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, glaucoma, or diabetes.


A person who is lactose intolerant cannot properly digest milk sugar (lactose). Instead, the milk sugar remains undigested in the colon and ferments causing gas, bloating, cramps, and diarrhea. This disorder is more common in adults, though it can occur in children.


Charcoal tablets

Importance: High
Comments: Removes toxins. Alleviates diarrhea.


Importance: High
Comments: Replenishes store of friendly bacteria. Helps with digestive process. Nondairy formula is recommended.

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