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Natural Remedies

Courtesy of the Natural Herb Guide

Listed are some helpful herbs and supplements for this condition.  However, you must take care of your overall health through a physician.


A person is considered obese if he or she is 20 percent over the weight that is considered normal for his or her build, sex, age, and height. Fat distribution and medical risk also play a role in determining obesity.

The herbs listed below is to be used as a Diuretic.  Make into tea

Corn Silk
Gravel Root 
Juniper berries
Oat Straw
Thyme .
Uva Ursi
White Ash

Cayenne (capsicum)- Internal Purposes: Helps with digestion. Good for fat metabolism.

Cinnamon- Internal Purposes: Helps with digestion. Good for fat metabolism.  Cautions: Pregnant women should use cinnamon sparingly.

Ginger, Green Tea, Mustard Seed—Internal Helps digestion; good for fat metabolism.

The body needs some nickel in order to function properly, but too much nickel results in toxicity. Nickel is absorbed through different means - skin absorption, inhalation, and ingestion. Sources of nickel include foods, jewelry, prostheses, cigarette smoke, etc. Excess nickel in the body may cause dermatitis ("nickel itch"), respiratory problems, thyroid problems, and possible heart attack.

Apple pectin- Importance: Moderate  Comments: Eliminates toxic metals from the body.

Garlic- Importance: Moderate  Comments: Detoxifies. Eliminates harmful metals from the body.

Kelp- Importance: Moderate  Comments: Provides needed minerals and iodine. Eliminates harmful metals.

Vitamin A- Importance: Moderate  Comments: Potent antioxidant. Kills free radicals.

Beta carotene- Importance: Moderate  Comments: Free radical scavenger.

Vitamin C- Importance: Moderate  Comments: Eliminates harmful metals. Boosts immune system.

Is a neurological disorder that reveals itself in sleep attacks, sleep paralysis, cataplexy, and/or hypnagogic hallucinations. Brain infection, tumors, or head trauma may cause narcolepsy, though this is just speculation.

Ephedra, gotu kola, and St. John's wort- Internal Purposes: Increases energy levels and has antioxidant properties.

Ginkgo biloba- Internal Purposes: Increases Circulation to the brain.

Calcium- Importance: Very High   Comments: Helps produce energy. Good for the nervous system.

Magnesium- Importance: Very High   Comments: Helps produce energy. Good for the nervous system.

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)- Importance: Very High   Comments: Increases metabolism. Boosts energy levels. Promotes healthy brain function.

A disorder of the peripheral nerves, and can cause symptoms such as tingly skin, pain, paralysis of certain muscles, and weakness. Nerves become inflamed and irritated. The spinal cord, brain, and central nervous system are most affected.

Essential fatty acids (flaxseed oil is recommended) Importance: Very High  Comments: Helps with nerve reconstruction.

Glutathione Importance: Very High Comments: Lack of glutathione hurts the brain and nervous system.

L-Asparagine Importance: Very High  Comments: Keeps central nervous system healthy.

Lecithin Importance: Very High  Comments: Prevents damage to nerves. Helps in nerve reconstruction.

Multivitamin and mineral complex Importance: Very High Comments: Lack of necessary vitamins and minerals can lead to neuritis. High-potency formula is recommended. Those with diabetes should use a formula without beta-carotene.

Cramps in the muscles occur when muscle fail to stretch out after contracting. Muscle cramps may be caused by electrolyte deficiency, physical overexertion, staying in one position for too long, imbalanced hormones, allergies, poor circulation, etc. .

Alfalfa, bayberry, blessed thistle, cayenne, dong quai, elder flower, Echinacea, elderberry extract, garlic, ginkgo biloba, horsetail, and saffron- Internal Purposes: For circulation

Horsetail, meadowsweet, valerian, and skullcap.- Internal Purposes: Eases muscle cramps.

Lobelia- External Purposes: Eases cramping in the muscle.  Dosage: Rub on affected area.

Valerian Root- Internal Purposes: Relaxes muscles.  Dosage: Take at bedtime.

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