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If you are experiencing swollen glands on the jaw line below your ears that are accompanied by fever, chills, loss of appetite, and sore throat, then you may have mumps. Mumps is spread through saliva, and usually occurs in children.

Catnip and Chamomile teas-  Internal Purposes: Relaxes to help you sleep.

Echinacea- Internal Purposes: Decreases swelling and cleanses the bloodstream and lymphatic system.

Elder Flower Tea- Internal Purposes: Reduces Fever.

Lobelia- Internal Purposes: Helps with pain.  Dosage: 1/2 Tsp every 4 hrs.  Cautions: Lobelia is not recommended for an ongoing basis.

Peppermint tea- Internal Purposes: Relieves upset stomach and rids body of infection.

Slippery Elm Bark and barley water-  Internal Purposes: To Relieve the throat and digestive tract.

Yarrow- Internal Purposes: Decreases inflammation and fever

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James W. Hampton was born on August 5, 1940 in Crugar, Mississippi to the late Dave Hampton and the late Mother Elma Hampton.

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